Why does my ex girlfriend avoid me and doesn't try to talk to me?

Me and my ex girlfriend now broke up 5 weeks ago because she started losing interest in me. She says she got over me before we broke up, but when we broke up i thought we broke up on good terms. Thinking that she would still talk to me as a close friend since we are not together anymore. Now she avoids me, and goes off talking to other people when we see each other in person. Also she doesn't try to talk to me anymore and instead pretty sure text other people. Like i dont try to keep up with who she talks to but i just wanna know why she is treating me like this and whenever i bring up why she doesn't talk to me she says she just feels different about me like i am supposed to understand that and rolls her eyes at me. If we broke up on good terms, and she said i didn't do nothing wrong why does she act this way towards me compared to other people she looks all happy with.


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