Why did he break up with me for such a dumb reason?

Okay so the other day I was walking to class with my boyfriend and I said we should meet up for like 5 minutes during class to hang out and then go back. He seemed to agree with me then. But then when we were supposed to meet he never showed up because his teacher wouldn't let him leave, which I understood, and I said we should do it tomorrow instead. And then today he was acting weird and then he broke up with me but didn't say why. I asked my friends if they knew, since I thought we were doing pretty well. They told me it was because of the class skip thing because finals are coming up, which surprised me because he really could have just told me he didn't want to do it. I would have been perfectly fine with that! So I'm just wondering why that is? Also, we were getting along very well before this so I don't think he just stopped liking me or something. Thanks so much!


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  • In life you will find out that most people don't know what they want, but at the same time know what they don't want. I think he broke up with you because he decided that he didn't want to be with a girl that would skip class and ditch out on her responsibilities. He probably thought "how long will it be before she skips out on me?" (this is giving him a lot of credit for a teenage boy, but it's possible).

    If you really liked a guy and you found out that he use to hit his ex-girlfriend or if you are against drug use and you found out your boyfriend did drugs when he wasn't with you. It's the same situation. It doesn't really matter how nice the person is.

    I'm not saying you are a bad person, so don't take it personal and never change for anyone else but yourself. Just saying that people have their preferences and you should respect his and find someone who's preference is YOU.


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  • Are you guys an on and off couple? Or is this the first break up?

  • He was probably seeinq another qirl on tha side and juss wanted any excuse to break up with yu so he used his finals as one, because come on now if its finals he could have told yu like yu said buht he didnt, juss think about it, investiqate why he broke up with yu for no reason, if it really was because of tha finals then wow whaa a pretty dumb reason buht if yu know in yur heart thaa somethinq is up then trust yur heart because it is usally riqht. I can only say so much buht at tha end of the day YU have the last say not me. FOLLOW YUR HEART..


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