How to move on when you see the person everyday? How do you focus on your studies after a breakup?

I've went through a breakup a month ago, he was my first love and the unfortunate part is that we go to the same school. We also have the same friend group, courses and just recently I was invited into a leadership group, where he is also in (In a more higher authority part of the group. He can boss me and make it a living hell if he wanted to). The problem is, we have group projects and I have to see him everyday for this leadership group. Our relationship was toxic and I felt unhappy because he broke my heart many times. Now, I have to prioritize work with this weight on my shoulder. What should I do guys? It hurts too much to be with him, but I know that I would never let a breakup make me leave the group (because I've always wanted to be in it). Note: The group also has a 3 day camping trip, where you interact with different communities. And I'm too hurt to see him move on or just interact with him. He tore me apart too many times, and I gave him too many chances. I know I need to move on, but what should I do to help prioritize school work and move on?


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  • I was going through this and it took me months to get over him. And believe me, I cried everyday and thought that I would never get over him Thats how breakups are. You feel like you will never get over him and eventually you do. What helped me get over him was working, reading uplifting blogs and talking to people who are getting over a breakup also. It was hard but I am so glad that I am over him. I will never get back with him and can't believe I waste my time and energy on crying over a guy who treated me like shit. You will soon get over him. but it doesn't happen in a week. It may take you months. But believe me, you will get over him.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. In terms of the whole seeing him in school and forcing to work in group projects. Do you think it's best to avoid him, because my heart is telling me to, and I guess I'm afraid of losing that fight, or seeing him happy that I'm not talking to him. I think I want to avoid our paths as much as possible, but if he talks to me, I would act civil. What did you do, as soon as that breakup happened? Thank you by the way <3

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