Girls, my ex has been sending texts & telling me about things that reminds her of me... what should I do?

The most intimate relationship I've ever been in & the most connected... even with our differences. I've never felt more loved. There were just things that were off. Things that didn't seem like we could figure out. I've learned that even though two people love each other more than anything and connect with each other the relationship can still not work. Our break up was so peaceful and loving...


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  • She misses you. I think it's always difficult to let go of someone you love but certain aspects of the relationship just don't work out for the both of you. Have you figured out any other way to solve those hurdles with each other?

    • This is the first real serious relationship since my divorce 6 years ago. In many ways I feel like this is even a more intimate and loving relationship. We've been going together for about a year and a half and we just broke up a couple weeks ago. We went through some stuff during the holidays and tried to figure things out. Things were better for a while but... well here we are. Maybe some time apart will help. Sometimes I want to just tell her that I want to hold her and kiss her and love her and forget about the things that we struggle with

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    • Thank you for MH

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