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Boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. All of a sudden he freaks out saying that little things have been bothering him and he's sick and tired of it (ex. he says I sit on my phone when he tries to talk to me, things like that). And as I am asking him what I can do to change and help he says its too late because he had been feeling this way for 8 months. 8 freaking months. And he was so tired of being frustrated and irritated all the time. A mutual friend at his school (he is in grad school, I am in undergrad) asked him what was going on in his head and he said that I had been the only girl he has ever dated and wanted to make sure that I was the one. He wanted to experience college then wake up one day and see if he missed me or not. So i asked him to come over with the rest of my stuff from his place and sat him down, asking him which of the two stories it was so that we were on the same page. He said both in a way but more what he told our friend, that his parents never dated other people and they are miserable and he is terrified to turn into them. He said he doens't know what he wants and wants to figure that out now rather than in a few years when we are living in another part of the state and i have no friends/family around to help me if it doesn't work out. I told him that he needed to feel my complete absence. No contact, absolutely nothing, that after tonight the next time we speak will be because he decided he missed me. It has been a few days and I have heard him discuss with a few people that he is not sure if he will miss me or not, that he feels we were super different and two of the most frustrating things for him was that "I was not as athletic as him" (BTW I am a college cheerleader) and he thinks im smart but that I get too distracted to have a decent conversation. People keep telling me "oh he will come back in a few weeks/months" but I don't want to get my hopes up if it doesn't happen... any thoughts?


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  • as hard as it is to let go. let him go. take time for yourself hangout with girlfriends and family. don't be in a rush to fill that vold of missing him and loving him. you will go through stages of hurt, rejection, loneliness, anger and even hating him in a way. then when you can forgive him you want thank of him much but until you go through those stages you have a chance of missing up future relationship because of change of emotions you will experience.

    • I honestly think if he loves you his fear of the future wouldn't be becoming his parents or the college experience he may miss out on. His true fear should be his furniture with out you.

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