If you get over someone who you loved truly, does it means your love was fake?

I loved a girl, she didn't loved me back though, I proposed, she said no, I did everything to get her back, was un successful. Now I after 9 months I have finally decided to not bother her anymore and move on. Will she think that my love was fake because I was able to move on?
Is it wrong to still have feelings for her even when she rejected me?
I don't waana lose her, is there something I can do?
Am I the bad person here?
Please answer honestly, critics welcome. No sugarcoating.🙏


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  • It doesn't matter what she thinks she didn't love you back so don't worry what she thinks. No its not wrong you still have feelings for her. You can move on and not bother her no more


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  • no, u are just not attached to him anymore

    • Thanks and it maybe doesn't feels right but it's *her
      *laughs in grammar nazi

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