Do you believe I should open up whats on mind with him or let it go?

So iv reconnected recently with an ex (as friends) he was on of those exs that honestly i don't feel like i got over him, we broke up about a year ago over me being stubborn and that i do regret, our problems were usually about people invading our relationship his or my friends (examples he knew a lot of girls, she's a player) anyways we had bigger problems after the break up and i made one or two mistakes forcing him to talk to me so we work it out instead of giving it time, and i know that was wrong. So lately since were friends we met up twice to say hi we were around the same area, both times i asked for. First time of us seeing each other after a year it was obvious we were both nervous and didn't know what to say how to keep the convo going. I ask him how are you three times in a 15 minute conversation.. second time it was supposto be a hi, bye thing. We ended us talking for 45 minutes about anything and everything. Second time was so much better, we actually joked around each other, but he asked me a couple of weird questions, example "so when are you going to hook me up with a girl" casually. I think he wanted to see my reaction so i went like sure what are you looking for? And he just kept quite than changed the subject. For a stubborn lady i am i asked again what are ur qualifications for girl? And he said "u of all people should know" so i said "the qualifications i know are in one girl". Anyways so recently iv felt the urge to talk to him about trying this again since our problems were never between us and we know where we went wrong and so on.. but i just am not sure if he's going to be open to that and maybe this is cause our friendship to get i. An awkward point if he doesn't agree and i would loose him again. Tho the topic of me telling him how i feel has been on my mind for days.. he's just whaat i see perfect and such a good person and my feelings for him are the same since we broke up.. so should i talk to him or not?


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  • you should talk to him to get to know whats going on


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