How should I react to this?

My girlfriend over the course of the last few weeks has gone distant with me. Lying, hiding things behind my back and most of all ignoring me. Yesterday she confessed she was playing games the entire time while talking to me. One time this week she "accidentally" played her game suddenly for an hour leaving me on seen. Finally, the past two weeks she has been of GaG and Facebook where I try my best to make her know I'm proud of her but today I noticed she liked something on Facebook by her cousin and left my posts and comments blank. Am I paranoid or justified in being terribly worried? Is this qualifying for a break up?


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  • She's just not interested. drop that girl like a hot potato, because if she drops you first (and its sounding like she is) its going to hurt twice as much. be the one to end it. dont put up with bullshit like that.

  • you should disconnect from internet for a while and live life

    • As in no contact with her, this is an LDR mind you.

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