Insecure Girlfriend. What should I do?

I was in a relationship with someone who was so afraid of losing me that she didn't let me keep contact with any of my ex or female friends. Sometimes she freaked out, broke up and came back after i assured her. I did everything to make her feel that she was the only one but still ended up not talking to me fearing that i was cheating. Thats how it ended. Now I feel bad and rejected. Was it my fault? Is there anything wrong with me?


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  • Why would you keep contact with your Ex?
    I can't say much. both sides must be heard here. Sometimes you can't see things from her prespective.
    If she doesn't want to be with you anymore. Let go and find someone who's okay with who you are and what you do.

    • I'm not trying to keep contact. I just feel guilty and wanted to know if it was my fault.

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    • Well you did your best... I don't see why you should feel bad.
      You said you tried. I guess it's good enough.

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  • Well that is insecure on her part. It could just be she is young and somewhat inexperienced and can't quite deal with a boyfriend talking to an ex. Even older more experienced women can have issues with it but they normally don't freak out or break up with guys over it. Well if that all it was, was keeping in contact with ex's and nothing more, I don't think you did anything wrong. If she wants to talk to you about it more I'd say gladly discuss it more with her. It might help her in her personal growth.

    • No I tried a lot to explain to her but she wouldn't understand.

    • And ya it was her first relationship and she's quite young

    • Ah OK. Well she will probably grow out of it. Oh well... Move on and enjoy life.

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  • Its not your fault. She is not ready for a relationship. I would just let her go, she is only gonna keep doing this.

    • Ya it only got worse with time

  • not your fault. she isn't ready to be in a healthy relationship.

    • Thank you for your advice. Ur absolutely right

  • It depends on how many women she had problems with. I personally will not enter a relationship prior to knowing the man has close female friends or if he is still on good terms friends wise with an ex. I've been burnt way too much in my past from ex's who cheated on me. Now I try my best to see what I'm getting into. Some female friends are ok, but in reality men and women at rarity can be friends. There is always more involved. I'm sure if you were head over heels for your girlfriend and she was entertaining other guys as friends and ex's you'd feel bad too. But like I said it all depends. If she nit picks every single thing you do that's extreme. But if there are certain women she don't like then it's understandable.

    • I cut off all ties to all my female friends but she always found ways to bring up my past and nitpick. No matter what i did she fpund a way. And she had a problem with almost all the girls in the college. And it was her first relationship so she wasn't burnt before.

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