Best friend broke up with me.. what should I do?

Me and my best friend had feelings for each other for along time. At times we raised the idea of having a relationship but we kept turning it down. Then one time we tried it. It went really good. All trust, honesty etc, it was all there. Today he came round, everything was absolutely fine, same as always however he left a lot earlier than usual.

Then he messaged me a long paragraph.

It was saying how he really doesn't feel the same about a relationship anymore. He felt he wasn't as enthusiastic about the relationship between the twoof us. Whereas I clearly have and is shown in the way I care. He still 100%cares for me and will always be a supportive friend that he hopes he hope he has always been to me and help me out whenever I need him as I can expect from a good friend. I feel like he's not as good at the relationship between us as I am. He wanted to clarify he's not saying thisbc for another girl and want me to be aware of this because I am still perfect and believe our relationship is whether being friends or more. Whatever happens he just wants me to be sure that as we said at the start we will remain close friends like we always have been.

He also said sorry to message you like this. Do you want to talk?

We talked on the phone about it. I was talking normally but there was a sad tone intewined in my voice somehow. He at one point mentioned how he nearly cried when he hugged me before he left my house because he felt bad. He sounded sad when he was talking on the phone as well and at some points sound as if he was going to cry? Though we ended the call on very good terms.
I feel no hate towards him. I just feel down & upset because I am in love with him and I know it's going to take time to fade bc I've always had those feelings since I first met him. We are going to see each other this Tuesday as our group of friends are meeting up. There will be no awkwardness as we promised. How do you think he feels? I need advice to help me get through this please.


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  • My best friend and I went through the same thing; things are back to normal between us, only difference is that I try not to show up too much when all of our friends get together because I still have lingering feelings for her and it might make things awkward

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. It takes time doesn't it? It's good that you two are back to normal :)

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  • You have two ways sis :
    1. Commit suicide
    2. Fuck that bastard and Enjoy ur life once again.. Make new friends..


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