Helpppp someone?

how can I get over him?


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  • I know that this is hard. Sometimes, we have to have a switch go over in our brain where we realise that we can not continue liking someone anymore and this outweighs are feelings and we go through like a "loss" thing. In other situations, our sense is not quite strong enough to conquer our feelings so we need to weaken the feelings. I read below that you attend the gym, that is good, find new friends, go on dates with new guys. Traveling is a good one, you will become focused on new things, new ideas, new places. Focus on developing yourself, getting over people and things is part of progressing. We are not going to like the same person at 27 that we did at 10 (except in rare circumstances). We change. Just change your life, avoid seeing the guy, and good things will happen.

    • it might be a problem that I see him everyday

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    • I promised to myself don't be his toy one more time but when I remember what we lived together I want him

    • You should have shared that info in the main question. Change of plan, GET AWAY FROM HIM.

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