Is she over me or what?

I was in a relationship for a little over six months, I was suddenly the bad guy. A little bit of a back story, first off I me this great woman on plenty of fish. We talked for about a good two weeks before moving on to texts. I asked her before ever meeting her if I could kiss her, she said ok. The date was amazing and for the next few months was going great until around fall, she started acting distant, but told me we are ok and she loved me. I met her parents and they liked me right away around early July. She met mine in April after about three weeks of dating my mom liked her while my dad was a little bit more stand offish. ( I had ended an 8 year relationship two months prior.) Her dad told me that she really liked me and that she is prone to low points, which I was accepting of. I had a panic attack at the end of July after a trip to the zoo. She made sure to get me to the hospital as I thought it was low blood pressure. We're both only children and my parents had to rush to the hospital as if it was her fault. We let it go and focused on what was wrong with me. My dad yelled at us one day because she came to get me to spend the day together and I wanted to stop by home and say hi to my aunt and uncle who were at the house. Long story short I was reading my wedding vows to her and she thought I said something private to someone else which I didn't. I tried everything to get her to listen but she told me recently that I emotinally and mentally damaged her by trying to work things out. She doesn't want anything to do with me but still tells her dad I'm trying to hurt her all because I went by where she works, which is close to my place of employment. Funny thing is that if I start seeing someone new she makes stuff up to her dad. I did ask for a second chance with her, but want to move on. Mainly because I have already had a protective order issued and dropped ( only lasting a month due to new boyfriend) and her dad threatened to shoot me. What's your thoughts


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  • Based on all of that; you aren't healthy for each other. Your parents had no right to place any kind of fault with her while you were in hospital, nor does your father have any right to yell at her! If he has a problem with you starting a new relationship so soon after ending a long term one he should take it up with you and in private. Why on earth would you read wedding vows to her? No. Just no.

    She's made her feelings clear, leave her alone and work on moving on. Her father is protecting her because despite her ending the relationship and getting a restraining order (whether justified or not) you're still stopping by her work. Leave her alone


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