Would you want to know if you were being cheated on?

If you were together with someone for a year and had no idea that person was cheating on you, would you want someone, like a friend, to tell you or would you rather they not tell you?

I am trying to figure out if I should tell my guy friend that his girlfriend is cheating. I know first hand she is cheating because I am friends with her too. I care about my friend and I don't want to see him waste his time.


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  • I would want to know, ofcourse--i don't want to be made a fool of especially for a long time.

    I would suggest you tell the girl that you know and that not only is she hurting him but you as their friend is in a akward position because you feel that you need to be truthful to him

    and than tell her that she needs to be the one to tell him, because if she doesn't you will,

    Sometimes I think it's none of my buiseness and I should keep to myself and I don;t like to get involved into people personal lives, but how can I pretend that nothing is going when I consciously know that someone is hurting, disrespecting and making a joke of one of my friends --but only would I get invloved if this person being cheated on is a good friedn who I really care about--

    so talk to her and if the guy means a lot to you as a friend than tell her she has to be honest with him--at least try this and let her know that you will.--as long as she is aware of what you want to do.

    this is really a tough one,but if the guy was a really good friend of mine I would tell him if she wasn't willing to-- it's importaant--the lie would eat me alive


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  • Yes, I would want to know.

    Cheating hurts on so many levels.

    One of those levels is trust because usually when someone is cheating a mutual acquaintance knows and the fact that he/she doesn't tell you feel betrayed not just by your gf, but by your friends as well.

    Aren't you friends supposed to look out for you?

    Well, if they won't tell you your girlfriend has been cheating what else have they not been doing?

    That is kind of an important job as a friend.

    If you can't be a real friend don't smile and act like one it's deceiving.

    Some people would say it's not your business stay out or it, but as a friend that is exactly your business.

    Wouldn't you want to know or would you rather be with a guy that is cheating on you while your friends know?

  • of course I would want to know. you should tell him so he could leave her.


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  • I've been in this position before.

    Both were my best friends and I chose to do what I believed was right and that was to tell them. Friends or not, no one deserves to cheat on anyone and I'm sure you're real disappointed in your friend for cheating.

    I think you should follow your instincts and tell him.


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