Friends with Ex and casual sex, what are we?

Ok my exgrlfriend dumbed me December 31. And two weeks later I ran into her at the mall and she asked to be friends. First time after the breakup is hanging out we had sex like 3 times that day and more so when we were together , I'm currently at my ex girlfriend apartment and she sleeping. I went in her phone I know it's wrong but I need answers. She's currently not talking to any guys and even tells me when Guys try to talk to her. She messaged her sister that she feels like she's still in a relationship with me and what do when a guy pours his heart out and she said let it go. All she said was "true". Yesturday she got mad cause SS felt like I didn't want to talk to her. Today she took my phone and went on my twitter and saw I was tweeted a girl jokingly if she had a boyfriend and homegirl was mad but she was mad because she said she shouldn't be feeling this way. She has asked me before what we are doing after we have sex and I'd tell her dating or w/e and she said that she doesn't want a relationship and she done with me. We have this talk all the time. But we will do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff with one another. Like she asked me to go to a museum with her on Valentine's Day, we went to a carnival together and we matched me. I had a red and black flannel and red shoes so she dressed like me. She even wanted to take pics together and of me. She told her sister that she's about to leave me alone but she stil texts me 24/7 and will Ben on FaceTime with me hour 10hrs+. It's like she be serious about not wanting me and then it's like she's holding my hand in public or locking arms with me or poking my dick. IM SO CONFUSED. She wants to be friends but I told her if she gets with another guy I'll have to leave this friendship childish as that sounds it's just the truth. I don't know what this relationship friendship is or what to do


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  • it seems to me you guys are like a couple. maybe she wants to be with you, but she doesn't want it to be too serious, just have fun that's it

    • She not the type to want friends with benefits. And she doesn't want to date anymore she doesn't even know what we are doing. I can't ask her cuz she will just say just that and want to be friends. I'm the first ex she stayed friends with. But I saw what she said with her sister and she even pointed out that we still do bf/gf stuff to one another she has no problem cutting me off or ending our so callled friendship. After I read her texts and I'm just sitting in her room right now like why does she let me stay we even had sex. Like I helped her do her eyeliner then she pulled my pants down and started trimming my pewbs. I don't get her at all. She doesn't feel the same anymore so she says but does all this stuff with me

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    • can't you see how she's messing with your head? do not let her

    • She has issues with her father like when she was younger she didn't want to date men cuz what her sisters went theu with men an How her dad was with her mom how he was there physically not mentally

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