Why he has been out of contact?

Hi, I met my boyfriend who was staying as exchange student for 3 months. We both are introverted and timid but we broke up because he had to go back. (I am still a high school student by the way) He cried and I cried as well but he is not contacting me since the day.

We broke up in January and I facetimed him by mistake in March and he isn't a big texter but he was online every single hour. However, I haven't got anything from him.

Why isn't he contacting me since he's gone?
I thought he would contact me because we broke up because of the reality. Thus, I'm thinking he isn't interested in me anymore so he isn't contacting me. But some people say if he still have feelings, he might be hard because we can't meet and we broke up because of him so I'm confused.


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  • likely because you two broke up. limiting contact helps people get over the other person easier at times.

  • Because you've broken up. He doesn't have any obligation to contact you. Why don't you text him?


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