Moving on or fighting for another chance?

first girl in the world i ever really felt could be the one. she helped me kick some bad habits, she showed me passion and desire like i have never seen before.. when she sniled at me or looked at me the right way my heart would stop. she was close with her family, had the same world views as me and we akways seemed to enjoy each others company, and her family loved me and thought we were a good couple. the catch is though, we broke up because i found out all the personal, intimate things i told her in confidence she told to her parents. i lost ability to confide in her and know what i said could be help in confidence. i was absolutely crazy about this girl and she bkew my mind every day, but the fact that our ability to communicate openly is now not an option, I don't know if she is worth fighting to get back. any opinions?


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  • well ask yourself, if you don't try to work it out with her, will you regret it later on? if it's something you'll always look back as ''what if..'' than you should give it another chance. if you don't think you can trust her again, but you're probably overreacting, there are much bigger trust issues these days like cheating, but if you can't trust her anymore than don't bother. relationship is doomed with no trust

    • i trust her with everything, but with keeping things personal to herself.

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  • It sounds like she broke your trust. But she did only tell her parents its not like she was going around telling all of her friends and people she knew. Her parents know not to go around telling people's private matters. In my opinion since you think so much of her it'd be good to get her back but do mention you don't want your private information to be told to anyone else just say for it to be kept between you two

    • i did tell her this, we had the same issue twice.. she told me its not something she is willing to change, her and her parents dont have secrets. before i showed up there was no reason for there to be secrets and she wasn't ready to change that relationship with her family because i told her personal things

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    • thanks for the advice

    • No problem

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  • Once trust is betrayed, you rarely get over it. in my opinion, move
    on. There are plenty of good ladies in the world.


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