Ex girlfriend Situation?

So some time ago i broke up with her coz of her bff. like whatever i told her was like a dm to her bff and the bff was such a prick that she would come up to me the next day and talk about that same thing in a very annoying sarcastic manner. Now everyday i see them both in the corridors and her bff smirks at me but my ex doesn't. I am very mixed up with how to react. please HELP


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    • So we had been dating for 6 months or so and i had been like putting the minimum attention towards her friend but in the last month or so in our relationship i told her somethings about my friends and specifically told her not to tell anyone and the next day her bff just comes up to me and starts talking about the same thing. being like u know there aren't secrets between them and i am only her second priority.

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    • so i just said that then fine i guess i am just a bone in between u guys and went off

    • i am 16 so m still in school so i see her everyday in her corridors with her friend who just smirks at me. now this is really annoying and i want to do something about but i dont wanna talk to her. so is there something i can do u reciprocate this feeling to her or make her stop

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