Is my ex right to be mad at me?

We broke up a year ago. We stayed friends and acted like more than friends for most of the year since our break up. And by more than friends I mean sending each other selfies, face timing multiple times a week, even had "FaceTime sex" a couple of times. Anyway, we stopped doing all that months ago, but we stayed a contact and kept face timing 1-2x a week. So a couple days ago he found our old sex tapes and he showed me them over FaceTime. He was supposed to send those well over a year ago when we were still together. He didn't want to delete them and wanted to keep them so I said well I want them too and. So he eventually sent them to me that night. Now since he sent our video... he asked me to make and send him a video again which we used to do. He also said "I don't have time for him cause I'm dealing with my new boo"... I don't even have a boo. Anyway he got all mad cause I said I wasn't going to make a vid and send one. Is it me or is he being unreasonable? I told him he can't pick and choose when he wants to deal with me in that regard.


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  • he's being unreasonable but at the same time what did you expect?


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