Is it just me? I need help?

I had a 2 boyfriend in the past (not at the same time obviously) My first boyfriend broke up with me leaving no reason.. my second boyfriend cheat on me. I still don't know why. And all the relationships around me have failed or lead to something ugly. I'm lowkey terrified to get into another relationship because of them.. should I be scared? 'Pls help me thxs 😘
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  • you shouldn't be scared but you really need to be careful with who you choose when you date. i mean you are still young so its not exactly gonna be super serious dating either, maybe just wait a while and if you end up really loving someone then you can get into a relationship again


Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't be scared. You are still young, there are a lot of relationships to come, some will be more succesful then others but just wait for the right time and you'll see that you don't have to be afraid.


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  • relationships come and go every day it's understandable to be scared if yours is one of those to go


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