You know , they say there's a first for everything. Being a side chick for the first time actually suck. How do I move on?

My ex is in a contract relationship. Where he literally owns this girl all the way in london his body and soul (literally). i assumed when he started dating me that he broke the contract the with her (mind you i think this whole contract relationship is complete bullshit) but unfortunately he didn't and i didn't know until i broke up with him. so to make a long story short: he was cheating on her with me and i didn't know and that's why he is my ex. i feel like shit about it. and i don't know what to do. my insecurity is raising and not i feel worthless. what would you do?


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  • I believe it would be best to move on, as this guy seems to be indecisive. Take action and decide for him. Jane the Virgin suggests that the best advise "to forget a guy is to get under another guy," I wouldn't go that far but make yourself for accessible for friends try to meet more people as it will help transition you towards a clean slate.

  • Learn from it and don't believe everything you hear

  • id be glad i got rid of those crazy people, im freeeee


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