What if a guy never lets pass a chance to talk with a girl?

This morning in student rest room :i was there drinking coffee alone and answering some e-mail when he suddenly came in.It seemed that he was hurrying and looking for somebody.He saw me and started to smile broadly,asked ''how are you,did you solve your problem?(I had one problem in college),he seemed in a really great mood.Then he left-he was in a hurry!

After 10 minutes he was back, took one coffee and sat next to me,telling that his soul is singing(he was really almost all the time singing something) and started to talk with me .After 10 minutes of a very nice,sometimes funny ,sometimes intelligent conversation( but he was always smiling), he realized he is already 15 min late for some lesson and he ran away.Then after 10 min more he was back with his best friend(the lesson was canceled), they sat to the next table and started to talk but always he found some reason to ask me something.

Is it a good sign?



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  • yea

    i think so.


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  • very good sign. his putting quite a lot of time into talking with you defnitlly somthing ther gal

  • in short, yeahh its a good sign. your in there ;}


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