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Hey girls I need your opinion on this that just happened to me because I'm desperate. A couple of months ago I started a relationship with the girl of my dreams I had been in love with her for a long time and a couple of months ago she was looking for me I started this relationship that only lasted two months I did not know the moment it happened When everything went very well she stopped writing me to respond practically did not speak to me and refused to go out with me. The only thing she could think of was that her ex was in contact with her when she confronted her with this she only denied it and told me that she lost the Interest in me. I was devastated so I told a co-worker (we all worked together) when I told her it turns out that my girlfriend's ex was dating her at the same time with both of them (he's our boss) and kept them secret Telling them that they could lose their job. She showed me photos videos and text messages. So I showed it to her through another person I found out they were seening each other. and she took it out of her house that day. I talked to her I told her that I understood why I had done it at that moment I was going to beg her to come back with me I asked her why she always chose a man who treated her like trash instead of choosing me that she was the only one for me. She did not answer I just realized that she loves him more than she loves me so I told her that I would leave her alone now she does not even look at me or say hello. What do you think I can do to get her back when she lost the little interest for me.


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  • You came on too strong for her. Wait a couple years until she's tired of dating asshole's and try again.

    • A couple of years? That's too much they have 6 years in this game of breack up date others people and them come back always they break up because he cheated on her I'm thinking on wait a couple of months and then ask her to hang out by that time she maybe fell better for her break up and wanna come back

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    • Yeah but imagine the guy of your dreams that singer or cine star that you most want that dream become real and then it's gone that fast as it begins. You would quick so easy?

    • Honestly yes I would quit if they don't show interest. I don't like to smother people or work things to my advantage when it feels we are not a match. But we are different creatures and i dont know your situation completely so my advice is probably no use for you haha. Good luck. Women grow out of that phase in their 30s from my own knowledge.

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