Why isn't he contacting me?

Hi, I met my boyfriend who was staying as exchange student for 3 months. We both are introverted and timid but we broke up because he had to go back. (I am still a high school student by the way) He cried and I cried as well but he is not contacting me since the day.

We broke up in January and I facetimed him by mistake in March and he isn't a big texter but he was online every single hour. However, I haven't got anything from him.

Why isn't he contacting me since he's gone?

I thought he would contact me if he was real but otherwise, I think if he still has feelings for me, it would be hard to contact me because we can't meet each other (maybe forever) so I'm confused.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Probably wants to get over you. Reach out to him. If you value the relationship, fight for it. If he's distant, and doesn't mean anything he says to you. Leave


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's still caught up in not being with you that he thinks that it would hurt too much to talk to you again.

    • Either that or, he got another girlfriend and doesn't want to confront you about it, but that's unlikely. Have you ever tried to talk to him, at least a single "Hello?"

    • No, I've never tried

    • Why don't you say hello or something? If you aren't talking to him, he might be thinking the same thing you are; that you DON'T feel like talking.
      It's ok to be the first one to initiate the conversation, in fact a lot of guys like it when the girl makes the first move.

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