Ex unfriended me on SP after seeing my happy then weeks later unfriended me on FB my lady status said how blessed and happy I was with my life?

He broke up with me over text he's almost 26. Said we might be friends may see us dating in a few years. Said we should not talk for a few days first. At first I was miserable and he saw that all on social media. But as I started posting happy snapchats and about going out with friends he unfriended me on snapchat. I told him a couple days ago on FB 'I blocked your number cause I couldn't handle it if you ever want to contact me do it on snapchat and Facebook' saw it right away never responded. His best friend thats a girl went off on me (about how they'd never date and I needed to grow up and stuff) I was civil about it and didn't get rude. Well today I posted in FB about being happy and blessed because I had great friends, college was almost over, and I was looking at a house tomorrow. He unfriended me on Facebook as well! But why? Why when I'm not miserable but happy he does this? A few nights ago a friend of his asked him 'what would you do if your friend got with your ex' he said 'I don't care it's not my problem' but his mom told me his friends don't see the side they do and that he is really hurting. But why unfriend me?


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  • sounds like he's petty and getting worse again feeling shit about himself and apparently no one else can be happy in he's veiw... stuff him you deserve to be happy if he dont like it he can shave it :-)

    • Hey!! You're back!! Haha thank you so much! :) So is he not wanting to see me happy? Do you think he's miserable without me and that's why he did it? I'm so confused! Ugh, guys! Haha but thanks for following up on my post! You're so sweet!😋

    • yeah im back!! :-) i think its a combo of lots of things like breaking up with you didn't go he's way like seing you happy gave he's ego a kick in the guts haha what he's mommy said is normally what all mums say, over react and no thier little boy is soo hurt bluh bluh bluh (he probably fed her some bs ) so dont fall for that one

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