I'm I imagining things or is she trynna make me jealous?

Ok last week me and my ex meet up and we talked about the past break up and possibly getting back together. She says she misses me and can't really date anyone else because of it and her experiences didn't go anywhere. She said she was waiting for me to kiss her anyways we kissed and basically made out for along time. Anyways fast forward a week. I call her and ask about are we trying to get in a relationship which I would like and she says she doesn't wanna hold me back because I'm in the Air Force now and constantly getting hit on. Anyways I assure her I want only her. She says let's just continue to hang out and if it's meant to be it's meant to be. I tell her I have a date tonight I wanted to be honest and not hide stuff. She said it's cool. Anyways later tonight she asked a guy on FB to his page if he had plans for a specific date. Then she shared it on her page so excited everyone could see? Why re share on you page? Why not just text him to tell him directly or send him a link. She likes all my stuff on FB but not his. I'm confused?


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  • im confused too wtf is that


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