What's going on with this guy?

I've been seeing my ex again for a few months. We've bene fighting quite a bit for good reasons, but too much to remain happy and we've been trying to fix it. last night we got into a fight and he ran away from me (I have abandonation issues, he knows this, and he will do things like walk away and blatantly ignore me), I freaked out and followed him and acted immaturely and tried to stop him from getting in his car. He threatened not to see me anymore because he was hurting and wanted to get even (or so he said when I asked)
He called me and said he still does want me, wants to see me, and wants abreak from the emotional distress - AKA no fighting but he still wants to see me as much and talk to me as much. He seemed certain about still wanting to see me, but who knows.

I waited all day until 8pm and he didn't contact me and now he's ignoring my texts asking whats going on... He is blatantly ignoring me and he knows I've said I can't take that ever again or I will leave him forever, because i think it's extremely immature and disrespectul.

Should I just block his number and move on? Give him time? Should I even give him my time of day if he has the nerve to openly ignore me? He "says" he loves me and was begging to keep seeing me last night when I was upset by the way.


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  • I think he is just stringing you along and it would do you a whole lot of good to believe in yourself and get rid of him. He's a toxic person and he's just bringing you down, and making you uncomfortable. You deserve better, and you should remind yourself of that

  • So i don't know your relationship personally but it doesn't sound like it's working. I think you know there is someone better out there for you both. But don't just block the guy you should tell him. Right after you tell yourself that's its just not gonna work out


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