Do you really get over an ex?

So I and my ex boyfriend have broken up, it's been over 3 months now, but because we do run into each other at school, mutual friends, as neighbors and some other little way I've been finding it a bit difficult to get over him. Though im moving on, I keep telling myself that, I'm sure I am, but the little memory that flashes across my mind, I start to miss a bit of him and start to do crazy stuffs like writing a letter to myself, describing how good as a girlfriend I was and how bad he was to me. I try to do stuffs to motivate myself to forget him and say stuffs like he's not worth it, I'm over him and all but when I run into him I get this tense feeling and I start to reminisce about everything that has happened. Now I'm asking the question, is it really possible to get over an ex just like that"remember I said it's been over 3 months


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  • how long have you been together? I read that you need minimum double the time you have been together to get over


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