All Pisces - how would a Pisces act if he cheated and I broke up with him?

I know there are some of you that are not into signs


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  • depends on the person, not the sign

    a range from completely cool and understanding to genecidal maniac


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  • my boyfriend cheated on me and well he's a Pisces and he felt guilty about it very much and he said I should break up with him because he doesn't deserve to be with someone with me **i kinda laugh because I don't think I'm that well** well me being a Scorpio, I decided to be with him still ...we broke up a few times because I was really having some bad days and he felt horrible and like sh*t and that he needed someone to be there for him because he took me for granted and didn't realize it until I was gone. long story short, he's not really taking me for granted anymore and we're back together. it's been well past 2 years.

    • My ex hasn't said not one word to me....its been 6 months now, bout to graduate. We dated for 8 months, I am a capricorn. He has been messing with other girls but he seems discontent.

    • Than he's not sorry for what he did. Find a much better guy and forget about him because all he's going to do is make your life horrible when you think about him. Move on, it will be better for you

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