I miss him... what do I do?

We were together on and off for 3 years and we broke up over a week ago. We'd been arguing about the craziest things for the past few, but we always made up. I miss him very much, I don't cry over him anymore but I miss him like crazy... I think of him 24/7 and I hate that we don't talk everyday anymore. He lost one of his friends and I hate that we're not on good terms because I really want to comfort him so badly and be there. He was seriously my baby and I loved him through everything. He made a lot of mistakes and he wasn't perfect, but he still has a lot of growing to do... we both have a lot of growing to do. I'd rather grow with him than with anyone else, honestly. He stills looks at my stories I post on Instagram, it's not an everyday thing, but he still looks at them. Does that means he's checking up on me? What should I do? Should I just text him in a few days or something... before it's too late?


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