Need girls to answer this one!

Okay here I go.

There's this girl and there's her boyfriend. They're apparently happy.

There's me and there's my girlfriend. We're both apparently happy.

P.S: We're a group, as in the four of us hang out together all the time and we re really good friends.

Problem: The girl flirts with me. Flirt is too light a word, she nearly seduces me. She touches me inappropriately, plays with my hair, asks me to massage her back and passes overtly sexual comments and she doesn't entirely hide her advances even in the presence of the other two hapless souls.

I can tell when a girl's interested in me. I know this one majorly is.

details: Her boyfriend and my girlfriend are the wimp sorts to an extent which would explain why she doesn't bother keeping her flirting under wraps in their presence.

Question.1 What's her deal?

P.S: she's smarter, more confident, prettier, hotter, better in every way than my girlfriend and same goes for me in comparison with her boyfriend.

Q.2. Is she expecting me to dump two good friends and hook up with her? I think she wants to cheat which I really can't. I'd rather dump someone than cheat on them.

I thought she was being playfully flirtatious but now its gone on for too long, gotten too serious and I don't know what to do. I do not reciprocate but she doesn't stop.

I could curtly ask her to stop which am sure will end the friendship. what the heck either ways I seem to be losing friends.

Any inputs on this? I don't know what to do!

Need girls to answer this one!
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