Sooo how do u get ur ex back?



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  • Uh, just let go and see if they miss you, if you hound them with calls and texts you will repulse them more because it creeps them out. Live like theyre not there and you may even provoke them to jealousy, i had a xgirl think nothing of me til she saw me happy with another girl, then she pursued me again lol. a lot of them do this though to break you up and then dump you again just for some sick psycho conquest pleasure and to keep you from being happy, so beware!


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  • What made my ex regret breaking up with me is that I told him in order for us to be friends after... because he wanted to still be close and hang out and go out and have fun... I told him I don't want to talk AT ALL for 50 days to almost a couple of months... And that alone crushed him..

    Also will is to make yourself ten times better than what he had before. Go out and accomplish college or your goals! Get a make over and get in shape. Get a make up for you! Go have a great time with your friends and go have a vacation just for you. Post the pics online and show everyone you're having a good time.

    DON'T talk bad on social media about him at all. Sont jump to changing your status and try to keep off of it when it comes to HIM. Basically make sure no one knows about your business EXCEPT close friends who can keep it LOCKED UP!

    Completely into a different you.
    Turn into something that makes YOU happy and he'll see that you are doing great without him. This will make him really upset. Make him go wow! I really regret this.
    Hope this helps


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