I don't want to be someone's 'other woman'.

this guy has a girlfriend, so we usually only hang out at an event, like sports or parties and stuff. but if his girlfriend is not there, he hangs around me a lot. and when I ask when he has to leave he says he will leave when I do, or if I say I'm going to go, he says he has to leave too, then he walks me out and hugs me goodbye. does this sound like a just friends relationship to you, or does it sound like he likes me. if he does like me, should I confront him about having a girlfriend and tell him to back off because of that. I don't want to be someone's 'other woman'.


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  • He isn't doing anything that much, is he? I don't know if you need to tell him to back off!

    But yes he's being flirtatious. I just don't see the harm in that, at least not so far. If he starts getting worse with it, then you need to tell him.


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