Should I apologize or just leave him alone and wait for things to die down a little?

Me and this guy I liked ended things yesterday. I was out of control and acting crazy and it eventually pushed him to the point where he said that he was done with me and any feelings that he had towards me are gone. After we got off the phone I still talked to him, but as usual I couldn't control myself, I wasn't happy that he wants to be done with me. We get in these crazy fights all of the time and when I feel that I'm losing him I blow his phone up and act crazy. That's exactly what I did yesterday. I said something this morning and I regret it and I have the urge to apologize not that it's going to change anything, but if maybe he wants to try this again later on I would like for us to be on good terms. Should I do it or just leave him alone? I feel so awful and I'm hurting and I wish things didn't end like they did. Should I wait week for things to die down or just leave it alone?


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  • well look this might be the most difficult part of the relationship which is communication... i think you should apologise and maybe work out a way for you and him to talk it out in a way that not one of you could blow up. Maybe tell him you want more attention or recognition while your talking and maybe understand his viewpoint too. You coule have millions of thoughts in your head but he doesn't know that which puts your feelings apart from his.

    • He said that he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. If I text him he'll ignore me and what not. I tried telling him how I feel, but he doesn't care.

    • Perhaps as harsh as it seems you may need him to steem off and realise what he has done wait a few days and as lame or bad idea maybe get someone close to both of you to join in. He is more likely to listen to them and they may be able to help and become a mediator between the two of you.

    • I don't have anyone close that knows him. There's no talking him out of what has happened he's stubborn.

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  • I think you should work on your attitude and then get into relationships with people. I don't know what this guy has done but from now on he will go around saying that all women are crazy.
    Sorry to he harsh, but you need to get a grip!! Apologize to him and tell him he deserves someone who will treat him with respect. Then walk away and work on your communication skills because no matter how hot you are guys will gert sick of your shit!

    • I don't have an attitude I'm the one that deserves better. He comes in and out of my life getting my hopes up and what not the problem was he was ignoring me and that triggered me to panic and keep texting him when he told me not to. He's done so much to me and when I do the same back I'm the crazy person and it's bad.

    • if that's the case, you need to leave him. If you deserve better, go and find someone better. Don't use his shortcomings as an excuse. Take the high road like they say

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  • For both of you, I think It's better if this is over. If you must contact him, then send him a text or email wishing him well and move on. If you don't want to star in a drama show, then quit the cast.

  • first place change ur attitude... try to behave.. if u dnt that situation will be thr again. so what makes difference u apologize r left alone

    • I don't have an attitude the problem was him ignoring me and I don't take too kindly to being ignored. No one deserves to be ignored especially over a dumb argument. I was trying to talk to him and he never listens to me. He called me a liar and FU to mw rhe other day when I was rrying to explain something to him. I was talking calmy and he was going off on me. But when I do it it's a crime. He's treated me like crap these last few months and I'm being told that I need to control my attitude ok. He's the immature one who won't listen to what I have to say, what he says goes and thats final.

    • then in ur case silence is the cure...

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