Girls, Girl at the gym confusing me?

I am a member of a fitness group which owns several gyms in my area. During the week I go to one close to home however on the weekends I go to another. When I go in there is a girl whom works as a swimming instructor who spends time behind the counter chatting to the admin. So every time I go in she always looks at me and try's not to smile to herself and keeos looking when I walk past. Then she goes to the gym after her work and always looks at me and acts self conscious. Like checking her hair , yoga pants are t falling down etc. So all the time she smiles to herself when she sees me but then in the gym she just glances and doesn't say anything. If I leave early she always staring me down. I'm kind of confused as to why she does those things?


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  • I think she likes you and you make her nervous. Have you tried talking to her before?

    • No I haven't I can't understand why she does it Lol.

    • I am sticking with my original opinion still and if you are interested I definitely think you have a shot and if you aren't interested then I guess just ignore it lol

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