How to get over four consecutive horrible relationships?

in the past it seems like every time I get into‚Äč a relationship and I think things are going well some crazy shit happens, ex: 3 out of four I found out that in all three cases I had been convinced that I would soon become a father.
two of the times I cought wind from mutual friends that I 100% could not be the father and after some civil yet extremely uncomfortable conversations it proved to be true.
The other I was convinced it was my child, I only found out while in the delivery room, I was heartbroken to find out the child was stillborn and mortified moreover when I was informed that the baby could not have viability been mine due to the fact that we both have fair skin and the child was mulatto.
I was at rock bottom for a while in the relationship confidence department, then that's when the last one comes in everything seemed awesome then at the end of the summer I found out she had been fooling around with one of my "good friends" for over a month before I found out.
I haven't really had the courage to open up again and have been single and more or less trying to avoid getting too close so I'm not open to that feeling again.
Now that a bit of time has passed I would really like to try again with a bit of faith in humanity, however I'm finding my self more or less terrified of the whole ordeal.
I would really appreciate some advice on this, if you made it this far thank you for taking the time to read this.


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  • can't dwell on the past and previous relationships. All u can do at this point is grow from each experience. I would drive myself crazy thinking about previous relationships, I learn to move on and focusin on myself instead of putting others before me

  • give yourself more time. when you're ready, you'll just know


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