Will she come back?

we had a fight she ended up deleted me off every social media we were friend In besides whatsapp and Skype will she come back to talk to me or is this the end


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  • Depends on how bad the fight was. Deleting you from everything could be a sign for attention. Have you tried reaching out to her?

    • no If i do im giving her all the power and she has it already and knows it i dont wanna give her anymore this is taring me apart and if she is i dont think i should I think I should wait for her

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    • Deleting you off everything was immature, woman overreact major at times! I feel she will come back. You don't have to wait around for her though, that's your right.

    • I love her with everything I've got and she knows it ill be here waiting even though I think I shouldn't

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  • Ahhh the good old let me become her friend so I can gradually attract her while I'm firmly in the friend zone, put my moves on her after we've been friends for a while, freak her out because she thought we were just friends, then act out when she rejects me and piss her off to the point where she doesn't want to speak with me again trick. Classic.

    • nah dude this isn't about getting revenge I just really love this chick

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    • Yea I get you dude, just remember that what you're feeling now is only temporary. Time heals all wounds. Sooner or later whether she re-enters your life or not is not going to make a difference to your overall happiness once you're over her. Remember, there was a time you never even knew her and you were doing just fine.

    • thanks man

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  • It looks like it's the end for now. Best thing to do is try and keep yourself occupied and move on.

    • thank you its already hard and it's been less than an hour it's gonna be so hard

    • It will be but the first few days are the worst. After that it does start to get better, I promise you.

    • just thinking about how I've lost her is already killed me inside

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