What to do if I miss my ex?

I broke up with a guy about 5-6 months ago and lately, I started to miss him a lot. We didn't speak after the break up, but he did appear in front of my house with one of his friends, drunk. And I haven't heard anything from him since then. I don't know what to do... Help


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  • Distract yourself... if you broke up with him it was for a reason. try to find ways to forget him.


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  • If he didn't want success for you, then I personally don't think he's the best for you. It's normal to miss the person, but understand that you broke up with him for a reason and that reason is important. Your happiness is important, and in my opinion you'll find someone one day (Take as long as you want) who wants the best for you, who will lift you and who will be the better for you, just like you will for him. I've come from a toxic relationship and there are some days where I hated myself for missing my ex, but realize that relationships don't work and that's ok. Life won't be easy, and that's ok. You'll get sad from time to time and that's ok. Take your feelings, accept them, but don't distract yourself for the sake of forgetting, rather use these thoughts to empower you. Move on by re-discovering all the things you loved before the ex, and move on with an open mind, that the past is in the past, your ex is in your past, and you will continue life as a strong and beautiful woman. Good luck <3

    • Thank you soooo much... Wow... Yeah, you're right about everything 🤔 thank you thank you thank you 💝

  • Reach out to him

    • What should I say? I'm the one who dumped him :(

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    • This guy :(

    • If he doesn't change then it's best to move on

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