Reminiscing lately... what's the deal?

It's been quite a while since my last relationship. To make the story short we're both in our 30s and he didn't take the relationship as serious as i did. Being the musician that he is, he was flirting with every chick online, etc.. and i'm not just saying "innocent" it was stuff that would make any girlfriend upset and break up with her boyfriend. I left completely ghosted from him once i found out he had other women and he was also bad mouthing me me behind my back. After the relationship he completely lied about me to everyone, just horrible lies and some that were even ridiculous. I even had other women bullying me (musician groupies) because of his lies and even some of his male friends were taking bad about me. I never cheated or did anything to cause him to do this.. i think he said all that out of anger? Anyways I've been single since and it made me also be careful to trust anyone... This is my question: Why do men do this? Why bad mouth an ex YOU cheated on? Why have random women bully your EX? Since then it seems like it never ends with the bullying. Any advice?


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  • u should put an end to the bullying


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