How long will it have to wait?

my girlfriend broke up with me deleted me of every social media besides Skype if she's intending to talk to me how long will it take


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  • that depends on her. if u want to talk to her i think you should. tho.. if you're THAT important to her i think she wouldn't delete u and she would text you herself (depending on reason of break up). why did you guys break up?

    • it was over an argument she hanged up and 10min later she deletes me from everything besides Skype

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    • I'm glad I can help! Take the time to reflect, allow yourself to feel pain, allow yourself to cry and accept that these feelings are normal. This breakup/bump in the road, will not define you as a person. And if she doesn't come back, know that you are not the reason to why this happens. There was a time before her, and there will be a time after. My tip with breakups are 1) Accept that breakups happen for a reason and that it has happened 2) Your ex is your ex. She was an important part of your life and she will be whether you see her in the future or you use her as motivation to be better. She is in your PAST and your closure is that it's ended 3) ALLOW yourself to feel the things you need to feel. Don't rush things and don't be afraid to seek help 4) Do the things you love, not to escape her but rather use it to find yourself and who you want as a companion 5) Time will heal the rest (very cliche). Whether she comes back or not, things will get better. I promise you that.

    • I guess I have to

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