Should I call my ex-boyfriend? Advice please

He dumped me. We dated a little over 16months.My ex-bf knows me pretty well. I mean he really knows me. I am the one who always call after a break up. He is my first everything with a guy. He know that I love him. We have not talk for about 3 months now.

We ended kind of badly. I am not sure if I still want be with him but honestly I just want to call him just see how he is doing.

If I call him do I have something to lose? since he dumped me

Should I call him?


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  • I don't think it's bad to call him to see how he is, but you can't bring any expectations into it. He broke up with you so if he hasn't contacted you, chances are he still doesn't want anything. Make sure you are calling as a friend, not an ex-girlfriend, and if he doesn't answer, don't keep trying.

    • Since he knows me so well and I always call. Do you think he knows I am going to call?

    • Well you said it's been a few months. Maybe he will expect it, but I don't think I would

  • its good to let the past be the past and just cut ties. its life move on.


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