Why is my ex boyfriend so friendly? Please help?

I will make this as short as I can. Ever since we broke up a month ago, he has been texting me everyday and we see each other pretty much every other day. He is the one who initiates contact first 90% of the time. We broke up because he said we "lost the spark" and he also didn't like how introverted I was. He said he felt like he was losing his old self (he is a very outgoing and likable guy). He seems really happy every time we hang out though, he's always laughing and smiling at me. It kinda feels like when we first met all over again. He will take me out anywhere I want to go (I don't have a car here in college) and does other small favors for me. He also gets upset if I don't text him back for hours and asks what I'm doing a lot. I don't understand... He complained about not going out enough or seeing his friends, yet he still spends the majority of his free time with me?


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  • Why are you allowing it? He wants free pussy with no commitment

    • He hasn't tried anything yet, I thought he would have already if he only wanted that

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    • Maybe. This is my first breakup and I know some people stay friends

    • No they don't. Not for long. You're fucking up.

  • he won't move on. he's having a hard time moving on, so, you allow him to be friendly to you, even though it hurts you


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