Friend advices hook ups to get better after long relationship with my ex?

she says that I will feel better after having nothing but sex cause it will help me heal physically? we've only broken up for 2 weeks... and I'm shocked to have heard this. what do you guys think?
Sorry I just repeated this question... thought it didn't go through the first time... if you answer the first one... don't answer this one.


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  • sex definitely helps ease the mind and most people do have sex after a breakup


What Girls Said 1

  • Are you seriously going to believe that? WHO is this friend? She's lying! If she wants to sleep around, that is on her. But SEX will never make you heal. Ever! Don't fall for that lie. You'll just get hurt even more and to yourself down to another person whom you're not married to. You don't realize the serious consequences and damage you're doing to yourself already. If you want more heartache then believe what you want. But to have sex just to try to heal and forget about your ex is self-delusion. You can't forget about him because he was your first sex partner. You're never going to forget him. You can only move on after losing a part of yourself. I'm sorry, but there is no remedy for that on this earth except God himself. And even if you pray and ask for forgiveness of that, you still have to reap what was already sowed. And live with it. The only thing I can tell you is to just learn from this, acknowledge where you went wrong and move on. But don't be a fool. You'll just head down a destructive path. But that chick is NOT your friend. She of all people should know better.


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