I'm scared? He won't leave me alone?

Okay so this guy, he had a crush on me online but I didn't so he kept taking to me really nicely and then later on we kept fighting and fighting but kept going back together, then a massive fight broke out and then I blocked him out of anger and later on unblocked him and things went fine AND ANOTHER FIGHT HAPPENED LOOL and then we didn't message for a couple of days and I felt bad because I always feel guilty whenever things happen even when it's not my fault. So I messaged him and he got so angry telling me to fuck off (he says really mean things in arguements) and blocked me. So that, gave me the idea that he didn't want me anymore. I'm not gonna lie, I had some feelings for him but personally I don't online date and he knew that. After a month while I was trying to move on his friend messaged me on Skype and I got so anxious and his friend knew everything happened and he asked that the guy wasn't being himself he's been acting strange in real life because of me and he misses me and shit and I felt so uncomfortable and anxious and told him that we fought and he's the one who blocked me first please don't come back. He understood but then later after a few hours the guy messaged me telling me to suck his dick or he's gonna black mail me and I felt like he's going to joke around I felt so disturbed. Then he added me to a group with his other friends "are you coming to London to get this cock and get blackmailed?" And they were laughing.

That, happened 3 weeks ago and I forgot about it. He recently messaged if I was okay and I got really anxious I started crying my eyes out I'm so confused by him I really don't know what to do.
Also, please don't tell me to talk to him and his friends about how I feel or some shit, been there done that and it didn't work they were still joking about dick sucking and I felt disgusted.

And also, don't tell me to call the cops on him. It's petty I can't do that and I don't think you guys would. Thank you.


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  • he can only blackmail you if you allow him to. your true friends won't hold whatever potentially might surface against you

    • No I know but it's the fact he keeps messaging me and is not leaving me alone, he's not taking the hint that I don't want him and he knows we should go on our separate ways, I'm so fucking confused

    • That's his problem.

      Block him. If you choose not to, then just don't respond, ever. The easy way to go about it, is to delete his msgs without even reading them so you're not prompted to rebut.

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