Have you ever acted differently towards an ex? Why do you do that?

You can answer question above, I have my story below:

I am just curious, because I find that I am usually my fun loving self around my friends and co-workers. Then when it comes to my ex I am on and off around her. One day I can be myself and even flirt a bit with her and joke around like old times. But when I am with her some times I just can't really be myself, I am not as talkative and I don't goof around as much. The biggest problem I have had was being around her new boy friend, holly crap I have never acted like this before. I just walked away from her and I could barely look at my ex. I don't know why I am acting like this and I want it to stop because I find it very childish on my part, but it just becomes over whelming sometimes and I just can't help it.

Any advice?


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  • Yep, you like her a lot still, you are hot when you want her, your cold when you want her to want u, and she doesn't. just keep seeing her and flirting, and try not to be cold because that is all she will think about, especially because she knows u. Second option stay away from her and try and move on.

    • But she does have a boy friend, I do have a code of honor, I don't try to take girls away from there boy friends because they usually are together for a reason. Apart of me wants her back (my heart), and the other (my brain) just wants to move on.

  • It's quite natural to act differently toward an ex. Especially if you were the dumpee and not the dumper. You lost a really important connection to someone you thought was special, and you feel hurt. Why would you expect you should bounce back and act like nothing ever happened?

    Honestly, being friends with an ex is something that really shouldn't occur before you are absolutely positive that she no longer means anything to you in any romantic sense. It's a big hurt that they have caused, and not only must you get over that hurt and heal through it, you need to come to grips with the rest of your life not including her before you can be expected to be friendly to someone who caused you to go through that.

    It's not childish at all. Cut back on the amount of times you see her best you can. Don't try and force feelings that aren't there for anyone else's sake. It will only hinder your moving on. Get out there, make new friends and meet new women, enjoy life bro!


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