Stalker ex boyfriend?

Back in high school I was dating a guy I met through therapy (yeah stupid idea). I was in a really bad place with cutting and trying to kill myself and because he was also there for his bipolar disorder he kinda understood what was dealing with. We started dating for about 5 months and I really did like him. He seemed really sweet and nice, but it got to the point he wanted to transfer to ky school to keep an eye on me, wouldn't let me be friends with anyone and wouldn't let me wear anything I wanted. And if I didn't listen he'd hit me, and once when we where supposed to go on a date I cancelled to jang with a friend. he found out and came and got me and ended up raping me that day. Well fast forward to the guy I'm with now, I met him that year because a girl at school found out wha happened and well he was her boyfriend. And the next year we started hanging out and have been dating since then (4 years). But my ex showed back up yesterday and has been calling me and stuff. I'm trying so hard not to say anything because I feel like he's he's his meds and I feel bad. But I'm afraid he'll do something to my boyfriend and he's off at college so I can't get ahold of him that easy because he's so busy. should I just call the police and not tell my boyfriend what's happening because I feel like my ex has been following following around and leaving stuff at my apartment apart it's scaring me


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  • tell the police an the boy friend because guys like this bi polar or not can't be dealt with by saying a few words. and they can never be reasoned with by what you have said here. and a simple paper won't stop him from keeping away from you , you have to be more severe with him.

    though a lot of money making lawyers will say other wise t protect him which i dnt think they have a right to do that. its not a judgement thing its just from the way i was raised and the things i have seen growing up.

    no one seems to get that when they have problems like this. you have to do more than say a few words or something you need people involved who will deal with it physically.

  • you were raped but didn't tell the cops?

    • No I didn't

    • why not? lol

    • one not funny. 2 I was afraid because he was threatening to kill me. And like most girls I was just scared of what happened

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  • I'd call the police and inform your boyfriend. I had to do that with my stalker ex, I ended up getting a restraining order. Save messages and voicemails, it'll help if you do go to the police. Stay safe, and let a friend or family member know what's going on so they can help keep an eye on you in case he does show up.


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