Girls, Girl at my gym sending mixed signals?

on weekends I go to a different gym than my usual as I go to another part of my city , however when I go in for my workout there is a girl whom works at the gym , for the last of her shift she stays behind reception with the administrators but doesn't work. So I walk in the first time I seen her and though she kind of pretty whilst I was getting a new card key. When I told my name her eyes locked and now EVERYTIME for weeks she always tries not to smile and keeps looking b back at me. Then 30 min later goes to the gym after her shift But when we're in the gym she just glances. So she always adjusting her yoga pants and staring at her phone and looking to see we're I am. or if I say to my workout buddy that I'm only staying for a short while she stares at me. I don't really understand why every weekend she trying not to smile when I walk in and doing the other things. All I do is go in a workout and leave I have se retry checked her out in the past only when she's not looking on occasion


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  • she is confused or playing games


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