Why would your ex (guy) still avoid you two months after you broke up with him?


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  • He's not ready to be around you. If you broke up with him then he might still be a bit sore about that. He needs time to get past it and to find his own sense of closure. When you break up with someone you should expect that they won't be around.

    • We are boarding students at a small private school. I didn't expect the shut out to be this long.

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    • Love can quickly turn into hate and bitterness, they are opposite sides of the same coin. That hate and bitterness can cause shutdown of emotions.

      Sometimes you have no choice but to move on without being able to speak to the other party. You don't always get options. You have to then find closure for yourself, accepting that you did your best and that you can't change the situation so you have to just accept it, learn from it and move on.

    • Well.. it has gone from bad to worse. My best friend asked me to prom. My ex got so mad at me. He felt betrayed. What was I suppose to do. He is my best friend. I didn't want to say no, and my ex never asked me. He has completely shut down. I still care for him a lot, but He refuses to talk to me, look at me, or answer my text. I just want to know why he hates me.

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