Is this behaviour normal?

We have been seeing each other 2 months know each other over a year of on and off flirting, and he conments on girls he met on Tinder's pictures telling them how good they look, he tells me he doesn't have to answer to me as we're not in a relationship any time I ask him about it, he deleted me off everything because I told him he's 36 and should act his age instead on commenting on girls on their early 20s, just some advice please, or some infor on why he's acting like this.


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  • Coming from a guy who is around that age.. I would say he prob feels like he's not 36, and still in his 20's. Lord knows I do. He is a guy, and will act like that most likely till he's in a serious relationship. Im guessing he deleted you because he prob feels like he is old enough not to have anyone telling him what to do and how to act. Im not saying this is a normal thing all guys do, but I really don't think it's too abnormal either. Hope this helps some. If you really like him, then you should let him know.


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