He's going to prom with another girl?

as you guys know, me and my ex have broken up recently. I have just found out that he is going to prom with another girl. it's been a month since we've broken up... i know for a fact he really had feelings for me. I believe that if a guy cries over a girl he truly has deep emotions for her, he did everything for me, i met his whole family, he spoiled me all the time, always cared, and all i did was take him for granted. i don't know how to feel anymore. i feel really happy for him. but it's hard to move on and not be sad. i genuinely wished him for the best overall. i hope he gets that. but part of me feels like he is purposely trying to mess with my mind. he told my friend out of nowhere that he has a prom date who's "hella thick". me and her are super close. of course he knows she would tell me. overall it hurts. no matter what i did to him, what he's doing to me now hurts as much. i feel lost and like the whole time he lied about everything. my well being has not been so well.


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  • It is true that a guy that cries for a girl has very special feelings for her. Also I am truly sorry to hear you broke up. Remember 2 things, it's natural for people to move on (and they should) also that just because he found someone else to go to prom with, doesn't mean you're worth less then her or anything like that. Last of all you will find someone else. Trust me, It's okay to feel sad but what is important is that you remember to get past it and move on yourself! Love ya little sis


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