Boyfriend moved away a week feels like it was all a dream. Has anyone else felt the same?

I was with him for 10 months, then he moved away. By choice. It's been exactly a week. I've spoken to him over texts a few times, but it's been a week since I've heard his voice. Since I've seen his face. Since I've touched his skin. Since we've said "I love you". Considering we've decided to just stay friends, I didn't expect the last one to happen. But still.

It's only been a week, and it feels as if none of that ever happened. It feels like he wasn't even real, like it was just a dream. I ask myself, "Did that really happen?" I know it did. I know that a week ago he was here with me. I actually hugged him. I actually kissed him. But doesn't seem real anymore. It feels like everything, all of it, was just a dream.

I was wondering if anyone else feels/has felt this way before? How did you cope? How long did it take you to "recover"?

We're trying to stay friends, but the fact that I can't get out of my head is that we're not together anymore. And it hurts. I'm trying my best to be strong, but it's hard. Any advice?


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  • i think what yur dealing with is yur first REAL love...u may have been in love with someone before, but this seems to be someone you put at the top...and because of that, its going to take a really long time to recover. I've had a similar time, but it was done through a breakup, not a move. you just got to find ways of moving on from him on yur own. its tough, but there's always one that's really hard to let go

    • Yeah, he's my first love. This has been the most painful experience I've ever been through. :/ And what sucks is that I know he's not going through the same thing that I am. He moved back to his friends and family. He's surrounded by people, he's always busy. He doesn't have time to think about me or miss me. But me? I'm still here, surrounded by memories of him, memories of us. I have to be reminded everyday we're not together. Ugh. You're right. This will be hard.

    • Well since yur surrounded by memories of him, you need to either A) get far away from those memories in any means necessary, or B) create new memories where the primary ones stand. once you do that, it will make things a lot easier when it comes to getting him out of yur head

  • Takes time to get over it, not a lot you can do about it, find someone else rebound relatioship sometimes helps...


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